Election Day Communion 2016 Resources
Election Day Communion 2016 Resources
On Tuesday, November 8th, I will once again host an "Election Day Communion" service. Four years ago, I hosted one in Boston when President Obama ran for reelection opposite Mitt Romney. This year, I will host a service in Downtown Los Angeles, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump run for the 'highest office in the land.' This tradition is important to me because I'm convicted that as a Jesus-disciple, my allegiance is to King Jesus and the Kingdom of God. I'm convicted that nationalism is idolatry and particularly tempting in a highly contentious election season like this one. I also believe division over differing partisan political ideologies is a pernicious threat to the unity of the Body of Christ. That is why I believe it is vital that the Body of Christ gather together on Election Day and re-declare our allegiance to our King and our unity as one body. To that end, I've created a liturgical order of service and slides from the worship guide provided by the Election Day Communion 2016 website. At the URL below, you can access my liturgy files:
  • Liturgy (PDF)
  • Liturgy Slides (JPG)
  • Liturgy Keynote presentation
  • Blank BG slide (JPG)
  • Election Day Communion title slide (JPG)