Theological Graffiti
Graffiti is a term that dates back to Roman times and refers to etchings found in places like the Catacombs. It originates from the Greek word meaning simply "to write." But modern graffiti is the visual art form of the global hip hop culture. With such affiliation, it connotes participation in a counter-cultural movement. Graffiti is the "voice of the streets"; it's both a cry and a shout. Theology is simply "God-talk" (from the Greek words theos for God and logos for logic or word). But theology is sometimes thought of as little more than philosophical syllogisms about God. However, theology is much more than that. Theology is also the sum total of one's thoughts about God, the world, humanity, the Church, and the future. Every person brings their whole self to theology. Therefore, Theological Graffiti is a blog about both the message and the method—a blog about the Gospel communicated in a technological world.