Tanks to Tractors
TCMooreNet_T2T_Banner1 Tanks To Tractors is an updated reference to the vision of God's kingdom that is captured in the Holy Scriptures—both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. The prophet Isaiah speaks of a future when God will dwell with humanity forever, establishing his kingdom on earth. The picture used of how God's shalom will transform the world is the image of swords being transformed into plowshares—instruments of destruction being transformed into instruments of provision. (Isaiah 2.4) In the New Testament, the beloved disciple John records the revelation he received of God's kingdom. In it he recounts that he saw a New Heaven, a New Earth, and a New Jerusalem being created by God. In this new existence, when God is present with humanity forever, God's shalom (peace, justice, wholeness) reigns throughout the earth. There will be no more war, no more violence, and no more pain. (Revelation 21.1-4) It is this kingdom that disciples of Jesus are called to work and pray to establish here and now. (Matthew 6.9-13) Disciples of Jesus are called to take up their crosses, love others self-sacrificially, deny themselves, and live as Jesus lived. (Matthew 16.24, Mark 8.34, Luke 9.23) Therefore, we are called to reflect the reign of God my imitaing the nonviolent, loving way of Jesus even now, as we hope for the kingdom's full consumation. Tanks to Tractors is a community of Jesus-disciples committed to the nonviolent way of Jesus in a violent world, praying and working for the day when tanks will be transformed into tractors.